Which criteria should be taken in

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Which criteria should be taken in

Obviously, we all seek as much success as time and circumstances will allow and maybe even more than that.

But, just what is project success and can it really be achieved without defined criteria, shared expectations and tangible consensus? Read on to find the answers. What is Project Success? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this questions. The best answer may very well be "it all depends".

Is the project on time? If so, that is success. Is the project within budget? Are the project results as planned and required? But there's more to it.

This all sounds simple, but of course, the devil is in the details. It may seem counterintuitive, but it is possible that your project could hit on all cylinders time, money and results and still not be considered a success. And it's all because projects involve people - and people bring subjectivity to what otherwise should be a purely objective calculation.

Which criteria should be taken in

To cope with the quirks of project success, project managers must understand and accept the dualities involved, and work to ensure that "all-inclusive" success criteria are properly defined before work begins.

Stakeholders must be included in this process to ensure shared expectations and acceptance of the key operating premise - that success exists at many levels, and that any single outcome positive or negative may not be globally determinative.

That's the way to make success possible and probable! Taking the First Step: Inclusive Success Criteria How does it work?

Success subjectivity is minimized through the use of pre-defined success criteria, so that success can be quantified before work begins.

Everyone will know what they are working towards, and when the time comes to measure success, established benchmarks will be available. To address the uncertainty that subjective bias, interests and influences will bring, related "success criteria" should be defined in the most inclusive way possible, accounting for all primary variations in perspectives and dimensions: Was the outcome successful considering the initial needs and how well it was met?

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What is Project Success?

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