The importance of maqasid al shariah in

The technical and literal meaning of Maqasid Al-Shariah is examined.

The importance of maqasid al shariah in

Maqasid reflects a meaning of purpose, objective, principle, intent, goal. Maqasid comprise the wisdom and knowledge behind rulings, the objectives of particular actions.

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Finally, Ibn Ashur provides a broader definition stating that: The well-being and virtue of human beings consist of the soundness of their intellect, the righteousness of their deeds as well as the goodness of the things of the world where they live that are put at their disposal.

The importance of maqasid al shariah in

It endorses relationship and mutual support within the family and community in general. It should also be observed that in specific occasions emergence of arguments between endorsement of benefit and avoidance of evil arise.

If none appears to be preferable, then avoidance of evil takes precedence over the recognition of benefit. Education encourages people with faith and Taqwa consciousness of Allah s. It must be based on creation of equilibrium which accomplishes rights and responsibilities on one side, and abolishes unfairness and inequality on the other.

The importance of maqasid al shariah in

It must embrace both individual and social justice, regardless whether it is a case of friend or foe, Muslim or non-Muslim, personal or public. The first approach to be noted is the purely textualist approach, which confines the identification of the maqasid to the clear text, the commands and prohibitions, which are in themselves the carriers of the maqasid.

The maqasid, according to this view, have no separate existence as such. Such rigidity could, of course, then be just as much contrary to the maqsud of the Lawgiver as would be in the case of a conscious and direct neglect of that law.


The preferred approach then is to read the text, whether it is of a command or a prohibition, in conjunction with its rationale and objective, for this is most likely to bear the greatest harmony with the intention of the Lawgiver. The former are the essential maqasid, or the daruriyyah, which the mukallaf must observe and protect regardless of his personal predilections, whereas the latter, the supplementary maqasid, or the hajiyyat, are those regarding which the mukallaf has some flexibility and choice.

Firstly, the question that seeks to establish whether the means to a command, a wajib obligation or a haram prohibitionshould also be seen as integral to the goal and objective that is sought by that command. The general response given to this question is that supplementary aspects of commands and prohibitions are indeed integral to their objectives.

Thus, it is generally accepted that whatever might be necessary for the completion of a wajib is also a part of that wajib, and that whatever may lead to a haram is also haram.

There has, however, been some disagreement on this, emerging from certain areas of detail. The second question concerns the silence of the Lawgiver in respect of certain conducts, especially where a general reading of the relevant evidence casts light on the value of that conduct.

The question may be formulated as follows: We know that the maqasid can be known from clear injunctions, but can they also be known from a general reading of the nusus clear textual rulings by way of induction?Maqasid al-Shari`ah, or the goals and objectives of Islamic law, is an evidently important and yet somewhat neglected theme of the Shari’ah.

The Importance of Maqasid Al-Shariah in Islamic Finance. a Short Essay by Nadifa Abdulhalim Mohamed Words | 35 Pages. University of Islamic Finance CERTIFIED ISLAMIC FINANCE PROFESSIONAL (CIFP) Part One SHARIAH ASPECTS OF BUSINESS AND FINANCE Assignment Topic The importance of Maqasid al-Shariah in Islamic Finance June Semester.

AL-MAQASID AND IJTIHAD Having expounded his theory of Al-Maqasid, al-Shatibi advocated and accentuated the need for knowledge of the science of Al-Maqasid as a prerequisite to the attainment of the rank of a mujtahid (jurist).

Key words: maqasid, siyasah shar‘iyyah, national policy, law Introduction Knowledge of the maqasid al-shari‘ah is of extreme importance in the process of ijtihad (legal reasoning/derivation of rulings), especially in the realm of siyasah shar‘iyyah, in contempoary era.

Publications Maqasid al-Shariah refers to the higher ideals and objectives of Islamic Law which forms an important yet neglected area of Islamic Law, particularly relevant to address current and real challenges facing Muslims living both in Muslim societies and as minorities.

Maqasid Al-Shariah is one of the very important aspects in Islamic jurisprudence. Maqasid Al-Shariah is taking a crucial position in Ijtihad in order to process a valid examination of the text and provide intact interpretation to achieve the Islamic ruling.

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