The importance of inner beauty in the story of beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast; or, the Ethics of a Fairy Tale An Aesthetic Realism Essay by Lynette Abel I learned from Aesthetic Realism the reason fairy tales have been loved throughout the centuries by children and adults alike is because they deal with ethical questions that affect people every day. And some of these stories belong to the great literature of the world because of how richly they put together opposites, such as, good and evil, the strange and the ordinary, surface and depth, appearance and reality--opposites which we want to make sense of in our own lives.

The importance of inner beauty in the story of beauty and the beast

The Original Beauty and the Beast Story | Beauty and the Beast History

Rex Everhart Maurice is the village inventor and Belle's father. However, most of the villagers think he is insane for crafting devices believed ridiculous and impossible to construct in reality. During the beginning of the movie, he is working on a machine that automatically chops up firewood.

Once it is successfully working, he leaves for the County Fair to display his invention. However, he is unable to make it to the fair due to getting lost in the woods. After going down a path that results in the loss of his horse and cart, and being attacked and nearly killed by a pack of rabid wolveshe winds up at the gate of a dark castle.

When he enters the castle to stay for the night, he ends up being locked up by the Beast, the castle's master. Belle learns of what happened and goes to the castle, attempting to release her father.

She then tries to convince the Beast to release him from the castle. She succeeds in convincing the Beast to release him, under the condition that she is to take her father's place, to Maurice's protests.

Maurice is forcibly taken back to the village. Upon returning to the village, Maurice tries to seek the villagers' help in trying to rescue Belle, but they don't believe him, and they consequently throw him out of the tavern.

Determined to not give up on Belle, he decides to return to the castle alone. However, it doesn't take long before he succumbs to an unknown illness due to the cold weather.

The importance of inner beauty in the story of beauty and the beast

Luckily, Belle discovers that her father is in trouble via the Beast's Magic Mirror and is released by the Beast so she can save him. Shortly after arriving back home, Le Fou has alerted the villagers of their return.

Shortly thereafter, Monsieur D'Arque, the keeper of the Maison de Lunes Insane Asylum, and the other villagers come to take Maurice to the insane asylum in an intricate plan to blackmail Belle into marrying Gaston.

Belle reveals that Maurice's rants are true and that the Beast does exist. Both she and Maurice are locked up by Gaston in the cellar, to stop them from interfering with Gaston's goal to kill the Beast. Chip has managed to stow away in Belle's satchel and uses the automated firewood cutter to destroy the door to the cellar.

Maurice and Belle leave for the castle to stop Gaston from killing the Beast. He is last seen in the ballroom standing by Mrs. Potts as he happily watches Belle and the Beast who is now transformed back into a handsome prince dance while he laughs at Chip's question to his mother whether he still has to 'stay in the cupboard'.

In the live-action remakeMaurice is played by Kevin Kline. He remains as an inventor, but makes music boxes to help Belle see the world from the comfort of home in the village of Villeneuve. He fled Paris and settled in the provinces with Belle when she was still a baby to protect the both of them from a plague that took the life of Belle's mother and Maurice's wife.

True to the original story, Maurice is imprisoned by the Beast for taking a rose from his garden instead of being caught trespassing in the castle. Maurice returns to Villeneuve to find help, but only Gaston and LeFou are willing to do so.

However, Gaston only wanted to help in order to get Maurice's blessing for his marriage to Belle. Knowing that Belle has no interest in marrying Gaston, Maurice refuses her hand, prompting Gaston to leave him to die at the hands of the wolves.

The Enchantress, disguised as a villager named Agathe, rescues him and takes him back to Villeneuve. Upon his return, Maurice attempts to have Gaston arrested for attempted murder, but Gaston in turn declares him insane and has him committed to an insane asylum.

Belle arrives back in time to vindicate Maurice, but both are locked in the asylum wagon while the whole village goes to kill the Beast. After Maurice and Belle make amends regarding Belle now understanding why Maurice was so overly protective of her, thanks to the Beast, Maurice uses his inventor skills to pick the lock on the wagon, allowing Belle to take Phillipe back to the Beast's castle while Maurice remains behind with the dumbfounded Monsieur D'Arque.

At the end of the movie, Maurice is seen painting the ballroom dance as everyone celebrates. He only makes a cameo in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas as one of the people listening to the story Mrs.While Outer Beauty is but a temporary and fleeting illusion, Outer Beauty can be used to gain instant and temporary gratification in the physical realm, Inner Beauty is Spiritual Magic which enables the person who possesses it to enjoy permanent contentment in all realms: physical, mental, and spiritual.

The importance of inner beauty in the story of beauty and the beast

As well, the Beast becoming a good person is contrasted with Gaston, the handsome hero of the village, becoming more and more repulsive and ruthless as the story . 1. Inner beauty makes you a beautiful person.

A sexy body doesn’t guarantee a beautiful heart. It is the inner beauty, kindness and generosity of your heart that makes you a beautiful person.

2. Inner beauty is long lasting. You don’t need costly cosmetics or expensive surgeries to . Oh My Disney Contributor Has the following ever happened to you: You’re going about your daily business, and BAM, you NEED a Beauty and the Beast quote to pull out of . Beauty and the Beast may not be Disney's most iconic movie, but it stands as the studio's crowning achievement, earning a Best Picture Oscar nomination (the first animated film to achieve that honor) and a Golden Globe for Best Picture, In essence, all great stories are about transformation, and this one beats out even Cinderella as the.

The many versions of Beauty and the Beast provide ample fodder for interpretation. Scholarly analyses of the tale abound and with them come many lenses through which the story is examined (feminist, Jungian, and so forth).

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