Softball in the olympics

We develop, administer and promote the sport of softball to provide opportunities for participation and the best possible experience for those involved. These links will take you to sites which will help you locate a tournament and valuable team and player information. Adults will provide information regarding USA Softball registration, tournaments and pictures from tournaments. Of course, I hate to lose her as our state UIC, but completely understand that she needs to devote her time to serving these conferences and the umpires that work their games.

Softball in the olympics

Softball, the Olympic program and Olympic recognition[ edit ] Early attempts for Olympic inclusion[ edit ] During the s, Americans and Japanese were making the first overtures to get softball included on the Olympic programme.

From The Field To The Gym To The Pool, Team USA Women’s Teams Crushed It In Several U.S. teams are wrapping up historic seasons, and many others notched key honors. Softball's return to the Olympics is still three years away, but Tokyo will be on everyone's mind this week when the United States, Japan and other super powers compete at the World Cup of. LAFA is a self-funded organization that provides the youth of Londonderry the opportunity to participate in organized baseball and softball. All equipment, uniforms, field maintenance and improvements are funded by team sponsorships, league registrations, individual donations and revenue from our concession stand.

Australia received such a letter and responded by asking for additional information. Irene Burrowsthe Australian association secretary, was extremely keen to support this and took active steps to try to work on this goal.

Efforts to improve the chances of getting softball on the programme included having New Zealand's national softball body affiliating with the American one. They were told in a requirement of playing the sport at the Olympics as the sport must be played in at least eleven countries who can field teams to compete at the Games and the international governing body for the sport must have at least twenty-nine national federations affiliated with it.

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At the time, softball only had fifteen national bodies affiliated with it. This did not materialise. We've been a casualty of that. I'm not against golf or any other sport being at the Olympics. I think there should be a place for everyone. I just thought we'd been loyal to the Olympic movement and they should have been loyal to us.

Melanie Rochefour time Olympic medalist in softball [4] Softball was introduced as an Olympic sport for women only in the Summer Olympics. Anita DeFranz became the committee's chair in and would be instrumental in helping get softball on the Olympic programme.

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It will be really different [to be away from the hype of an Olympics] but it is probably a good thing that we are focused on our world championships and not having to watch the opening ceremony and all those fun things.

Stacey PorterAustralian softball player [12] On 11 Julythe IOC voted to drop baseball and softball from the Olympic program for[13] a decision that was reaffirmed on 9 February Australia's government gave less funding to the sport as a result of the decision.

This means players are able to do less international travel and compete at the highest levels. Rule differences between Olympic softball and baseball included: The ball must weigh between 6.

The pitcher's mound is the same height as the rest of the playing surface, with the infield being covered in dirt instead of grass. Games at the Olympics have seven innings compared to baseball's nine innings. One team was the host nation.

The three remaining nations were chosen based on regional qualification tournaments. The winner of this game goes to the final. The United States won the gold medal for the second time. That hitter was Stacey Porter of Australia. Inthe fourth-place finishers automatically qualified to the Games because China was the Olympic Games based on that.

Thus, there was a battle for fifth place between Canada and Italy for Olympic qualifications.

Softball in the olympics

In the match for fifth, Canada won 3—0 and earned their fourth consecutive trip to the Olympics. Japan automatically qualifies by being the host country. Australia won this game by one run. However, the USA team rebounded to win the overall tournament and the gold.


The United States had a game winning streak at the Olympics between andonly ending their winning steak in the gold medal match against Japan.Feb 09,  · Watch video · Sports; Winter Olympics; The two-time Olympic medalist has also advanced gender equality in the sport.

She has competed in the 4-man event with three male brakemen, a first for the Winter. Find a Doubles Partner Or Team Through NSGA Need a doubles partner or team to join for this year’s Maryland Senior Olympics?

No problem.

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Thanks to the folks at the National Senior Games Association, you can now find a way to play through a central database. Adult slow-pitch softball is in a slump across Minnesota. With parents chasing their kids' teams, adults tied to work and some baby boomers aging out of competition, rec league officials say.

Aug 03,  · RIO DE JANEIRO — Olympic leaders approved the addition of five sports to the program of the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday, including the return of baseball-softball and the introduction of.

The USA Softball Women’s National Team is the most decorated program in the sport’s history.

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Team USA won three consecutive Olympic Gold Medals (, , ) and a silver medal at the. When the Olympics canceled softball, the U.S.

Softball in the olympics

national team received a reduction in funding support—this made it more difficult for the sport to prosper at the international stage, given how expensive it is for teams to participate in World Cup competitions and tournaments abroad. Fortunately, bringing softball back to the Olympics could lead to a .

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