Paper shredder types

The 10 Best Paper Shredder for Home Use in February 13, By grt With a paper shredder, you can effectively destroy sensitive documents, junk mail, credit cards and other types of documents. Three types of paper shredders offer different levels of document security.

Paper shredder types

Invention[ edit ] The first paper shredder is credited to prolific inventor Abbot Augustus Lowwhose patent was filed on February 2, Adolf Ehinger's paper shredder, based on a hand-crank pasta maker, was manufactured in in Germany. Supposedly he needed to shred his anti-Nazi propaganda to avoid the inquiries of the authorities.

History of use[ edit ] Until the mids, it was rare for paper shredders to be used by non-government entities. A high-profile example of their use was when the U. After Colonel Oliver North told Congress that he used a Schleicher cross-cut model to shred Iran-Contra documents, sales for that company increased nearly 20 percent in Greenwood ; in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the Fourth Amendment does not prohibit the warrantless search and seizure of garbage left for collection outside of a home.

Anti-burning laws also resulted in increased demand for paper shredding. More recently, concerns about identity theft have driven increased personal use, [4] with the US Federal Trade Commission recommending that individuals shred financial documents before disposal.

Types Of Paper Shredders

Types[ edit ] Multi-cut scissors used to shred paper Shredders range in size and price from small and inexpensive units designed for a certain amount of pages, to large units used by commercial shredding services that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and can shred millions of documents per hour.

While the very smallest shredders may be hand-cranked, most shredders are electrically powered.

Paper shredder types

Shredders over time have added features to improve the shredder user's experience. Many now reject paper that is fed over capacity to avoid jams; others have safety features to reduce risks. Such a unit may also offer the shredding of CDsDVDshard drivescredit cardsand uniforms, among other things.

This is an alternative solution to the use of a personal or business paper shredder, where the public can use a faster and more powerful shredder, paying for each shredding event rather than purchasing shredding equipment.

These companies either shred on-site, with mobile shredder trucks or have off-site shredding facilities. Documents that need to be destroyed are often placed in locked bins that are emptied periodically.

Shredding console Shredding method, and output[ edit ] As well as size and capacity, shredders are classified according to the method they use; and the size and shape of the shreds they produce.

The Three Types Of Shredders (And Which One To Choose)

Strip-cut shredders use rotating knives to cut narrow strips as long as the original sheet of paper. Cross-cut or confetti -cut shredders use two contra-rotating drums to cut rectangular, parallelogram, or lozenge diamond-shaped shreds. Particle-cut shredders create tiny square or circular pieces.

Cardboard shredders are designed specifically to shred corrugated material into either strips or a mesh pallet. Disintegrators and granulators repeatedly cut the paper at random until the particles are small enough to pass through a mesh.

Hammermills pound the paper through a screen. Pierce-and-tear shredders have rotating blades that pierce the paper and then tear it apart. Grinders have a rotating shaft with cutting blades that grind the paper until it is small enough to fall through a screen. The shredded remains of a National Lottery play slip.What Are The Different Types Of Shredders By Cut Type?

Your concerns about identity theft determine what security level you will need for your paper shredder. Strip Cut Shredders - Basic Security. Level P I am just concerned about junk mail and other office paperwork.

Strip-Cut Shredders. The strip-cut shredder uses a rotating blade to cut paper into long strips. This is the simplest, and least secure, means of destroying documents, as the strips can be reassembled by someone with enough time and patience for the task. Destroy junk mail and sensitive documents in seconds with a high-quality, long-lasting paper shredder from Best Buy.

Shopping guide for best paper shredders. More thorough types of paper shredder have made this variety all but obsolete. Product in depth. Royal Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder.

Power. The Royal MX's horsepower impressed us. One sheet of paper will be completely shredded in under five seconds. At a rate of 18 sheets per pass, an entire ream.

Paper shredder types

Staples Business Center lets you work wherever you go with a wide range of services from reliable Wi-Fi, to cloud printing, faxing, scanning services, and more. The most common types of paper shredders are Confetti Cut, Cross Cut, Diamond Cut, Micro Cut, Straight Cut and the Strip Cut Paper Shredder.

and of all of those the cross cut is the most popular type of paper shredder.

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