Mudic and violence

Now in the YouTube era, some videos are still too controversial, if not more. Despite being what fans perceived as a progressive network, MTV actually had a penchant for censoring videos, or they would air them after midnight.

Well, according to recent findings, this is the case. A new study by the American Psychological Association reveals that songs with violent lyrics increases aggressive thoughts and emotions. A series of experiments was conducted with over college students from Iowa State University and the Texas Department of Human Services.

Mudic and violence

They were fed a diet of seven violent songs by seven artistes and eight non-violent songs by seven artistes. The students listened to the songs and were given various psychological tasks to measure aggressive thoughts and feelings. So, is there a link between Jamaica's violent crimes and violent dancehall music?

Mudic and violence

Controversial deejay Ninjaman says no. According to the 'Don Gorgon', the violence present in cartoons and movies far outweighs what is in the music.

When a man see something, the effect is greater than when him hear it. Movie show you how fi pull down gun and set it up; how to plan, executive, and get away with a robbery.

When nuff man a deejay 'bout violence, a what dem see inna movie," he told the Jamaica Observer. If him go do badness, it's based on what was already happening in some of these violent communities," said Ninjaman, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine.

Turning to his own music and the influence some of his lyrics may have on society, Ninjaman stated that it was all about fun. Dem yout' now a sing 'bout shot off yuh head and all the things what they see in the movies — the Matrix-type killing — or things already happening in their communities.


Dem a build lyrics based on what dem see on TV. We absorb through our pores, our nostrils, and what you eat," he said. Semaj said proponents of violent lyrics like to ignore reality, but they can't. All evidence indicates otherwise," he said. We see this in dancehall, we see this in hip hop.

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They are in and out of jail. They now mirror their music and we have had many quotes from those artistes both in the rap and dancehall world saying they would not allow their children to consume their music. We must stop lying to ourselves.May 08,  · Study: Rap Music Linked to Alcohol, Violence A recent study by the Prevention Research Center of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in .

Violence in the hip-hop culture needs to cease, as it has threatened or taken the lives of artists, continues to damage a rich history and is counterproductive to the foundation set from early hip. The Web materials with violence tend to be video games, film clips, and music videos, and there is no reason to believe that delivering these materials into the home via the Internet, rather than through other media, would reduce their effects.

Dec 11,  · Sad music with some awesome pictures. Link to download the music: NEW LINK,g/Thao-Nguyen-Xanh .

Click on to see great music that speaks out against abusive relationships. Songfacts category - Songs that deal with child abuse or domestic violence.

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