Exploring the possibilities

The keynote was very well received and generated considerable positive discussion at the conference and on the twitter backchannel.

Exploring the possibilities

What if we could squash that bug once and for all? What if we could open our eyes each morning and be grateful for the moment before us? What if we could be happy right now? Three years ago, I started a little blog in a dark corner of the internet. My first post was nothing more than an image of a Nutella jar.

Shortly after that, I started writing about technology news. I got bored of that and moved onto online marketing. And on and on for a few more months… until I hit upon the jackpot.

Opening Up to Opportunities

I had few readers and even Exploring the possibilities ideas of what I wanted to do with my writing. Some might say I was lost and wasting my time, but I disagree.

I was exploring the possibilities, taking my time to bask in the glow of what could be, of what I wanted it to be. As time goes on, I continue exploring what I enjoy and what I want to help others with through my writing.

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It feels wonderful and freeing, and I wish it for everyone around me. What if there is no plan? Not having an end goal in sight allows me to enjoy each moment for what it truly is — beautiful — and prepares me for the next moment — a mystery.

The possibilities are endless.

This is the seventh year I have had the pleasure of participating in a special conversation with eight men and eight women to discuss retirement and life transitions relevant to our life stage. Oct 25,  · Re: Exploring the possibilities of nano space probes Post by Ormond» Mon Apr 18, pm Steve wrote: There has been some recent mainstream interest in the idea of exploring other star systems by sending very small very fast space probes. Comment: May show signs of moderate wear, scuffs, bends, creases, small tears, and/or yellowing/spotting from age. Codes, Access Cards and/or Discs may be missing from textbooks. May contain writing, highlights, or library markings. Dust jacket may be leslutinsduphoenix.com: Prentice Hall Discoveries.

Upon landing in my destination, I received an email from someone who wants to fly me out to Europe to speak all expenses paid! I never expected that in a million years, but I do recognize the beauty in that allowing myself to explore then brought me the opportunity to continue doing that in a few months.

Instead of working toward a specific goal, I soak up the rays of never arriving at anywhere specific. The biggest gift I ever gave myself was allowing myself to explore my writing without any expectations or plans. I let the blogging medium flow freely over me, changing its course over the past three years.

Allowing myself to explore open up entire fields of possibility that I never knew existed. Are you interested in exploring more in your life — about yourself, your loved ones, and the world? Share your stories in the comments. Erin shows overscheduled, overwhelmed women how to do less so that they can achieve more.

Traditional productivity books—written by men—barely touch the tangle of cultural pressures that women feel when facing down a to-do list.Nov 24,  · Telltale has just announced the official release date for the third season of its point-and-click, story-based adventure The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (which begins December 20), and while it feels like Season Two was ages ago, I'm already excited for what lies ahead..

For now there aren't a lot of details for the new season, but we already know it takes place four years after the last one.

Purple Dawn — Exploring the Possibilities – Freeing you to create the life you'd love to live

The possibility of better answers and the excitement of more profound discoveries await the reader here. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing there is more to this life than what we’ve been told.

Exploring the possibilities

Learn about the possibility that consciousness is much more than just a side effect of our brain’s leslutinsduphoenix.coms: 1.

Exploring the possibilities of VR. Businesses are waking up to the potential of virtual reality to transform everything from retailing to product design. leslutinsduphoenix.com December 17, When virtual reality or VR emerged it was widely assumed the primary market would be consumers playing games.

Then very quickly businesses in all sectors began. According to the paper, spacetime flows into the black hole/singularity and a lesser flow of spacetime flows out from it. The reason that the outflow is lesser than the inflow is because a portion of the spacetime flowing in converts into photonic energy, or light.

Exploring the possibilities

BLUFFTON TEENS AND KIDS GET A BOOST FROM BERKELEY HALL “Willie, get a head count,” officer Oscar Frazier Jr. ordered as he buckled his seatbelt in the van idling at the entrance of the Boys and Girls Club of Bluffton. Exploring the Possibilities.

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THANK YOU to the 85 students and 5 companies who attended and supported Exploring the Possibilities!

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