Debut albums and deep green kelp

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Debut albums and deep green kelp

Believing that "Kids just don't want to listen to God's empty songs anymore",in December Capitol released Norman's first solo rock album, Upon This Rock, "the first major label record to marry rock music with the gospel", "the Sergeant Pepper of Christianity",[3] widely regarded as "the album that first recruited rock in the service of salvation", later cited as being "one of the roots of the current Contemporary Christian Music"; and now considered to be the first full-blown Christian rock album".

Upon This Rock, whose music was "a blend of folk, psychedelic, and rock influences", combined "street language and gritty imagery".

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In August he described the album as "simply In this album, "Norman brought a mixture of reverence and rebellion Believing that "Christian music could be powerful in its message yet relevant to the times", Norman explained his thinking behind the album in I tried to create songs for which there was no anticipated acceptance.

I wanted to display the flexibility of the gospel and that there was no limitation to how God could be presented. I used abrasive humor and sarcasm as much as possible, which was also not a traditional aspect of Christian music.

I chose negative imagery to attempt to deliver a positive message, like "I Don't Believe in Miracles" is actually about faith. My songs weren't written for Christians. No, it was not a Christian album for those believers who wanted everything spelled out.

It was more like a street fight. I was saying to Christians, "I'm going to present the gospel, and I'm not going to say it like you want. This album is not for you. I wanted to push aside the traditional gospel quartet music, break down the church doors and let the hippies and the prostitutes and other unwashed rabble into the sanctuary, I wanted to talk about feeding the poor, going into the world I wanted the church to get active and go out and do what Jesus told us to do.

I felt that while the hymns had great theology soaked into their lyrics, that most of the modern music was anemic and needed a transfusion". Indeed, it is more than just their 2nd effort, but the overall sound has noticeably changed.

Average White Band plays funk. Why not Neil Young? Life in the Navy can be regarded as a matured version of 1st album. Blue has released six regular albums, one compilation and a single so far. This isn't a case of a group that would be described by such cliches as "if only they got more exposure, they would certainly reach a much wider audience.

What makes the Rounders unusual in this regard is that they owed primary allegiance to the world of acoustic folk -- not one that generates many difficult, arty, and abrasive performers. The Holy Modal Rounders were not so much a group as a changing aggregation centered around the two principals, Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber.

When the pair got together inthe intention was to update old-time folk music with a contemporary spirit.The Prestige g Mono Series by Analogue Productions ‎: gram Deep groove pressings, just like the originals where there is a deep groove that appears to be cut into the record label area of the disk, the result of the die that was used in the old presses in the ‘50s.

Debut albums and deep green kelp

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