Attractiveness of the hotel in the industry tourism essay

Moreover, the hotel offers a memorable customer experience through its funky architectural design coupled with its welcoming and friendly environment. The hotel offers suite and room services all of which are independently designed, and have individual distinctive style and personality.

Attractiveness of the hotel in the industry tourism essay

Tourism industry is in fourth rank after fuels, chemicals and automotive products among export category. For small islands or specific regional and local destinations the importance of tourism is more significant where tourism is the key to economic sector WTO Publications.

In tourism industry, hotels are one of the most important organizations for providing services. In this respect, quality services depend on employees. According to Sperdin and Peterscustomers expect professional services and also want satisfying experiences with good performance in purchasing hotel services because service performance is the core of every service.

According to Chen and Yuservice employees are the presenter of the organization and service employees who are knowledgeable and caring can influence the perceptions and thinking of the customers.

Moreover they stated that, customer service employees can influence the five dimensions of service quality which are reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibility dimensions.

Attractiveness of the hotel in the industry tourism essay

Customer service contains verbal and non verbal behaviors between service provider and customers Clive Muir, and effective customer service is achieved through combining these four areas: Service employee behavior and actions are more important in a service company among all attributes of service delivery process because service employees are the source of connection between organization and its customers and create long term relationships with customers Gwinner et al.

Employee behaviors are defined as various consequences of actions carried out within an organization Hanna et al.

Attractiveness of the hotel in the industry tourism essay

He stressed that managers should give more attention to CSEB like customer service representatives, waiters, door man, bell men and maids. Therefore, key to competitive advantage in hotels is delivering superior customer services through front line staff Kattara et al.

Moreover, he stated that CSEB is the key factor of customer satisfaction among nine factors in running successfully hotels. According to Anderson et al. Moreover, among these dimensions service quality people factor which includes tangibility, reliability, responsiveness and empathy is more salient factor for determining customer satisfaction and repeated purchase behavior in service industries.

Customer satisfaction is essential for every service industry to achieve long term objectives because it leads to repeated purchases and positive word of mouth recommendations Salzar et al.

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Moreover, they described that behavioral intentions is one of the most important factor in hotel industry because hotel industry is very sensitive to word of mouth communications. Therefore, behavioral intentions of customer service employee are the basis of customer satisfaction.

On other side in hotel services, customers show more satisfaction when service employees interact them with full empowerment and solve customer problems at the spot as described by Sparks et al.

Moreover, service employees behaviors show two behaviors negative or positive and these behaviors have relations with overall customer satisfaction Kattara et al. In hotel industry, customer service is the backbone of customer satisfaction.

According to Rafaelicustomer service employees are the key players in molding customer experiences as they finally manage the manners in which the service transaction delivered. Employees deliver tangible services in the form of delivering food, helping customer to his room in hotel and also deliver intangible services in the form of making visit again to the hotel.

In customer services, CSEB is the key ingredient for the satisfaction of customers in hotel sector. A research conducted by Clive Muirshowed that employees smiling faces have strong impact on customer satisfaction in hotel industry.

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For customers, customer service employees are the organizations because they are the effective representatives of the company and customer can easily judge the entire company with their actions and behaviors.

There are two kinds of behaviors during service delivery; positive behaviors and negative behaviors. Positive behaviors include smiling, friendliness and enthusiasm.


Negative behaviors include sadness, glare and anger. Their study showed that personal warmth by customer service employees leave positive impacts on customer satisfaction. So it is argued that, CSEB have significant impacts on hotel customers to remain with particular service company.Mimi, hope all is well with you as it is with us.

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PESTEL Analysis on the Hotel in Auckland New Zeala share 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. The hotel industry in Auckland New Zealand is a section of the country’s tourism and travel industry.

Compared to the other economic sectors in the country, tourism and travel sector has the highest rate of expansion. The Society Pages (TSP) is an open-access social science project headquartered in the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota.

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