A good and bad boss

Creating bullshit-free zones where people love their work and working together. She first tried it at her own software startup. As a faculty member at Apple University, Scott learned how Apple takes a different path but is equally committed to creating the conditions where people can do the best work of their careers and love doing it. Along the way, she managed a lot of teams in various states of euphoria and panic.

A good and bad boss

Many of us will take a hard look at ourselves and try to focus on ways in which we can improve our lives. Some of us will take a particularly hard look at our jobs: Are we happy in our current job? Should we look elsewhere for a different job?

A good boss can make a bad job tolerable or even enjoyable, and a bad boss can turn an otherwise gratifying occupation into a miserable experience. Take a minute or two to think about your own boss. How does he or she rate in the following categories?

Understanding There are a lot of different aspects of understanding. First off, does your boss relate to you as a person or are you just a cog in the machine? Boss-to-employee personal relationships are tough to do successfully. In an ideal relationship, the boss values you for your contributions to the business but recognizes that you are an individual and so you have individualized needs.

An ideal boss understands your skills and capabilities, but also understands your individual goals and objectives — both in your career and in your personal life. Good bosses also have an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, and they know how to create an organization of individuals that is stronger than any one individual.

It takes a very special boss to be successful in managing such an environment. Flexibility The worst bosses are like those cheap little battery-operated toy cars you buy for your kids: People like this are very difficult to work for. A good boss is flexible enough to understand that there is more than one route to success.

Good bosses know the difference between giving you an assignment and telling you how to carry it out. The flexibility also extends to personal considerations. Flexible bosses know that the most important thing about your work is that the job gets done. Similarly a good boss will absorb uncertainty from her employees, passing upward in the organization a consistent unified view even if the employees are not in total agreement.

A Conductor Unlike electrical devices, a boss has to be a conductor as well as an insulator. This is the idea of conductor in the transmission sense — someone who passes messages downwards from upper management and upwards from employees.

The real skill in this area is knowing when to conduct and when to insulate. Of course a good boss is also a conductor in the musical sense of the word; someone who optimizes the performances of individuals to produce a result that is much bigger and better than the sum of the individual contributions.

This skill starts with understanding the capabilities of the individuals, and includes the ability to fit the individual skills, aptitudes and motivations together into something that creates a performance worthy of praise.

They neglect to reveal important information — like the fact that the result of a big project has already been promised to customers for next month.The bad boss returns to discuss negative events continually and searches for faults in employees.

Sep 27,  · When I was growing up, cholesterol used to be bad for you. It was easy to remember. Fat, bad. Cholesterol bad. Salt, bad. Everything, bad. It's a walk on a tightrope for most employees. A bad boss only cares about how that makes him or her look when the employee fails. A good boss knows that failure is a way to learn the ropes. "Boss," in this case, is an illustration of a really bad leader. However, in defense of "bosses" everywhere, we need to affirm that not all bosses are bad leaders.

Will not accept constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. The bad boss can't deal with disagreement from employees who have their own opinions about work-related issues. Sep 27,  · When I was growing up, cholesterol used to be bad for you.

It was easy to remember. Fat, bad. Cholesterol bad. Salt, bad. Everything, bad.

The Officially Bad Boss

The Officially Bad Boss. All of us have some negative qualities, make mistakes, and mess up. After all, “We’re only human.” But bad managers seem to collect these traits faster than a hoarder fills a house.

If you are working for someone and find yourself nodding vigorously as you read this list, you officially have a bad boss.

A good and bad boss

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