2nf authentication better than 1nf

List few advantages of Stored Procedure. Stored procedure can reduced network traffic and latency, boosting application performance. Stored procedure execution plans can be reused, staying cached in SQL Server's memory, reducing server overhead. Stored procedures help promote code reuse.

2nf authentication better than 1nf

LO1: Understand Databases Design Techniques Assignment

Mivo is a low-cost, stripped down mobile payment system. Our prototype combines Radio Frequency Identification RFIDSecurity Pin Authentication and Ethernet Data Transfer to provide a prototype for a low-cost secure payment system that has the potential to change lives in rural areas of developing countries.

Harry and Harsh with Mivo No cash please! Mivo is a service that aims to securely and conveniently move retail banking and financial services to cell-phones. It is a mobile-banking facility for the unbanked. We propose to deliver access to financial services to the unbanked, on low-end mobile phones.

Worldwide there are 4. Mivo has the potential to bridge both gaps. This is an idea targeted at developing countries; as the Internet and ATMs are unavailable in rural areas and penetration is low even in urban areas there are many problems faced including access to financial services and remittances.

The idea is to construct a complete mobile-payment ecosystem comprised of RFID-enabled phones and text message SMS transactions to access a virtual account- a simple, fast and safe solution for financial transactions.

While Mivo can be a life-changer in the developing world, it also has awesome applications in the developed world. As an example application, Mivo users would be able to pay for an airline or movie ticket by text-messaging an advertised SMS code and then skip the line at the counter by scanning their RFID-equipped phone at the entry point and entering their authentication details.

Identification Database access and update Identification: We selected RFID because this standard has a fairly short-range connection, a small connection-setup time both of which make it slightly tougher to hack than some other standards and also because we knew that our Cornell Cards have RFID tags embedded within them.

Thus, we would be able to use these cards for identification instead of investing in RFID tags. We decided to use 4-digit security pin for Authentication because we wanted a system that is quick and convenient while being secure. We had also considered adding a Fingerprint based authentication; however, due to the time constraint of 5 weeks we decided that we would add this feature later.

Database access and update: Now for the Database access, while we would eventually want to transfer data over airwaves in order to exploit the existing telecommunication infrastructure and avoid the hassle of setting up Ethernet connectionsfor the purpose of this project we decided to use Ethernet based data transfer.

We took this decision because neither of us is familiar with 2G or 3G standards and implementing this in 5 weeks would have been a stretch. Top Level System Architecture from Project Proposal Going into this project we were both really apprehensive of how much we would be able to achieve, but as advised by Professor Bruce Land and our TA Yuchen Zhang, we divided up our Goliath-of-a- project into sub-tasks.

Neither of us has taken a course on RFID design; however we researched online to find a host of resources to help us on our circuit and data-analysis.

We had used the LCD and keypad in previous labs and hence we referred to Prof. At the top-level, we wrote a state machine that controls the working of the entire system and integrates the various subsystems into a single entity.The student will demonstrate the understanding of 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF and label violations given a set of relations and a set of functional dependencies.

and processes that operate in the physical environment in order to develop a better comprehension of the physical world around us. The content of the course will examine Earth-sun.

LambdaSchool / Relational-Databases. Code. Issues 0. Pull requests 6. Projects 0 Insights Dismiss To be in 2NF, a table must already be in 1NF.

2nf authentication better than 1nf

Additionally, all non-key data must fully relate to the key data in the table. If you need to set up password access, see client authentication .

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2nf authentication better than 1nf

Look through the articles and examples. In order to understand 3NF, we’ll have to first observe 1NF and 2NF. First Normal Form: First normal form is the idea that there is a single value for each field. Second Normal Form: The table must first be in 1NF, as well as the fact that all of the information in the table is dependent on what defines the row.

An entity is in Second Normal Form (2NF) when it meets the requirement of being in First Normal Form (1NF) and additionally: * Does not have a composite primary key.

Meaning that the primary key can not be subdivided into separate logical entities.

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